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The level of quality healthcare practitioners are looking for
DICOM-calibrate any display
Accurate colors for soft proofing and creative work
More accurate medical diagnostics
Simple solution to the complex issues of QA

DICOM display calibration

PerfectLum is a comprehensive solution which is both a medical display calibration software ensuring the compliance of any computer monitor and projector with DICOM Part 14 GSDF and other international standards, and a monitor quality assurance (QA) tool with the remote display management system for quality control operations on a medical imaging display.

Calibration and profiling tool

PressProof is a calibration and profiling tool which helps creative and prepress professionals to get equally brilliant colors on all their devices (monitor, printer, camera) by generating v4 ICC profiles with 3-dimensional color instruments and 16-bit precision to save color characteristics for the given device. It includes the possibility to perform an ISO 12646 test and a Remote Management feature.

Software for Geospatial Intelligence

PerfectEPD screen calibration application, developed with the NGA Display Performance Standard in mind, improves imaging quality of any high-end consumer display making it fit for geospatial imaging and enhances the performance of geospatial visualization monitors to let you see greater detail. It comes with a Remote Control feature.